Let’s go to the desert for summer?

Work slows down, the weather heats up and there are tons of beaches up the coast of NSW to choose from. It is tradition for us Aussies to do a bit of a road trip around Christmas time, but this year Steve and I decided to go west. We headed to Broken hill, our first time in outback NSW. We saw tons of Kangaroos, wild boar, flocks of screaming birds, and a surprising number of feral goats.

The wind was dry and the heat intense. I took cold showers a couple of times a day and enjoyed every stormy change the skies offered up.

The Perry Sandhills were a glimpse of what lies further west, hot red earth, the ancient heart of our country. So much more to be explored.

Red-Dirt-OutbackCobar-NSW-Outback-Storm-Stephen-Govel Road-to-WilcanniaPerry-Sandhills-NSW Silverton-Outback-NSW