This little angel has her own agenda

I like the snow, the beach and taking photos. So yesterday was a great day for me. Not so much for little Layla though. Maybe she isn’t going to be the little snow bunny mountain shredder I had hoped!?

When I saw this photo that Steve took yesterday, it was a reminder that my dreams are not her dreams. For her little soul to shine we need to nurture the things that excite her.

Who knows if she will grow to like snow or not, for now, I will try to live my most beautiful and truthful life and hope she follows that example.


She is 7 months old today and already so independent!


We do things together now


Little Layla and I are slowly getting along better. At first she wasn’t up for going out much…  when people would ask ‘is your baby colicky’ I had no idea what they was talking about. But I soon learned. For the next 3 months I would be chained to a screaming child.

Our adventurous life was over. Layla and I spent many hours inside crying together.

But she is 6 months old now, and I can honestly say I have a happy baby! Happy to go in the stroller, happy to go in the car, happy to go on vacation.

She doesnt even mind waiting while I stop to take a photo of us, being happy together!

Let’s go to the desert for summer?

Work slows down, the weather heats up and there are tons of beaches up the coast of NSW to choose from. It is tradition for us Aussies to do a bit of a road trip around Christmas time, but this year Steve and I decided to go west. We headed to Broken hill, our first time in outback NSW. We saw tons of Kangaroos, wild boar, flocks of screaming birds, and a surprising number of feral goats.

The wind was dry and the heat intense. I took cold showers a couple of times a day and enjoyed every stormy change the skies offered up.

The Perry Sandhills were a glimpse of what lies further west, hot red earth, the ancient heart of our country. So much more to be explored.

Red-Dirt-OutbackCobar-NSW-Outback-Storm-Stephen-Govel Road-to-WilcanniaPerry-Sandhills-NSW Silverton-Outback-NSW

Breaking up with Whistler… again

Yes, my darling, this is the end for us.

Maybe because we weren’t able to overcome a few small problems…  like me actually wanting to live with my husband. But I know we will always be close to each other – we will bump into each other on ski vacations in the future, I’m sure.

Massive mountain hugs


For now, lets just remember the good times…

Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-1_Stellars_Jay_Feather Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-2_Joffre_Lake Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-3_Joffre_Lake Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-4_Sacred_Rocks Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-5_Peak_to_Peak Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-6_Ghost_Town Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-7_Train_Wreck Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-8_Squamish_Loggers Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-9_Bear_Bin Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-10_Snow_Wall Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-11_Coast_Mountain_Photo Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-12_Hiking Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-13_Jace_In_Gondola