Breaking up with Whistler… again

Yes, my darling, this is the end for us.

Maybe because we weren’t able to overcome a few small problems…  like me actually wanting to live with my husband. But I know we will always be close to each other – we will bump into each other on ski vacations in the future, I’m sure.

Massive mountain hugs


For now, lets just remember the good times…

Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-1_Stellars_Jay_Feather Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-2_Joffre_Lake Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-3_Joffre_Lake Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-4_Sacred_Rocks Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-5_Peak_to_Peak Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-6_Ghost_Town Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-7_Train_Wreck Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-8_Squamish_Loggers Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-9_Bear_Bin Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-10_Snow_Wall Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-11_Coast_Mountain_Photo Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-12_Hiking Madeleine_Mary_Whistler-13_Jace_In_Gondola