This little angel has her own agenda

I like the snow, the beach and taking photos. So yesterday was a great day for me. Not so much for little Layla though. Maybe she isn’t going to be the little snow bunny mountain shredder I had hoped!?

When I saw this photo that Steve took yesterday, it was a reminder that my dreams are not her dreams. For her little soul to shine we need to nurture the things that excite her.

Who knows if she will grow to like snow or not, for now, I will try to live my most beautiful and truthful life and hope she follows that example.


She is 7 months old today and already so independent!


Staying true to your roots

It’s around this time of year that I feel the need to recalibrate and gear up for some new year’s resolutions.

I’m going to clarify the values I still care about, listen to what makes my heart sing, dig deep and acknowledge where my roots lie.

From there I’m going to make some changes for the new year. Plan some family adventures, apply for a new job and eventually move our family to a new town! Exciting times.


We do things together now


Little Layla and I are slowly getting along better. At first she wasn’t up for going out much…  when people would ask ‘is your baby colicky’ I had no idea what they was talking about. But I soon learned. For the next 3 months I would be chained to a screaming child.

Our adventurous life was over. Layla and I spent many hours inside crying together.

But she is 6 months old now, and I can honestly say I have a happy baby! Happy to go in the stroller, happy to go in the car, happy to go on vacation.

She doesnt even mind waiting while I stop to take a photo of us, being happy together!

Hosting our first Thanksgiving

In Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving (for obvious reasons) so this year, now that we are in the USA we decided it would be cool to have the family come to our place for the holiday.

This is a little recap Thanksgiving and the week leading up to it.

We had people write down what they are thankful for on the table cloth.
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